Misc. Lessons

– 2017 Review                                      Watch/Listen
– Have A Bible Believing Christmas      Watch/Listen
– When Does Worship Service Start?    Watch/Listen
– Guest Speaker: William Riley             Watch/Listen
– Don’t Catch It With Your Face.           Watch/Listen
– What About the Holy Spirit?              Watch/Listen
– Are You Following A Liar?                   Watch/Listen
– To Make All Men See                           Watch/Listen
– Bible Promises To Whom?                  Watch/Listen
– Different Bible Gospels                       Watch/Listen
– The Missing Cross.                              Watch/Listen
– Paul Proves the Resurrection.             Watch/Listen
– Why Do I Need Jesus?                         Watch/Listen
– Why Are You So Hyper?                      Watch/Listen
– Is it Impossible for a Christian            Watch/Listen
   to Support Democrats?
– Paul & James Don’t Agree                    Watch/Listen
– The Silence of God.                                Watch/Listen
– I’m Glad You Left.                                   Watch/Listen
– The Pocket Guide to the Afterlife.      Watch/Listen
– A Properly Functioning Assembly.      Watch/Listen
– Wood, Hay, or Stubble?                        Watch/Listen
– What About Whoremongers?              Watch/Listen
– And That He Was Buried.                      Watch/Listen
– Why Do They Call It That?                    Watch/Listen
– What About Spiritual Gifts?                Watch/Listen
– The Christian “Bill of Rights”              Watch/Listen
– Christ, the Beatitudes, and You?       Watch/Listen
– God, Steph Curry & Facebook             Watch/Listen
– What Happens Next?                            Watch/Listen
– Proper Prayer Perspective                   Watch/Listen
– Grace Stumbling Blocks                       Watch/Listen
– Ignorant Warriors                                   Watch/Listen
– Learning the Unnatural                         Watch/Listen
– A Brief Bible Believing History Pt.2   Watch/Listen
– A Brief Bible Believing History Pt.1    Watch/Listen
– The Judgement Seat of Christ             Watch/Listen
– Politics, Questions, and Objections   Watch/Listen
– Marriage, Divorce,
  Remarriage & Grace                               Watch/Listen
– Faithful Stewards                                    Watch/Listen
– Complete in Christ –                                Watch/Listen
  without a Covenant
– Q & A / Discussion Meeting                   Watch/Listen
– The Romans Roadblock                           Watch/Listen
– Christian Immortality                              Watch/Listen
– Worthy Walkers                                         Watch/Listen
– Dispensational or Die?!                           Watch/Listen
– Baptism for Salvation?                           Watch/Listen
– Division and Separation                          Watch/Listen
– Fear vs. No Fear, and Why.                       Watch/Listen
– Turning from Paul                                      Watch/Listen
– It’s the End of the World as we
   know it.  (and I feel fine)                         Watch/Listen
– What Would Jesus Think?                       Watch/Listen
– Four Faithful Sayings                                Watch/Listen
– Grace Works                                                Watch/Listen
– Personal Evangelism                                 Watch/Listen
– God’s Will For Your Life                            Watch/Listen
– Suicide Soteriology                                   Watch/Listen
– Sabbath Days: Holy or Not?                    Watch/Listen
– Redeeming the Time                                  Watch/Listen
– M.A.D. about Anger                                     Watch/Listen
– When “Line Upon Line” Ends.                  Watch/Listen
– Bill Nyes… And Science Lies… Pt. 2    Watch/Listen
– Bill Nyes… And Science Lies.                  Watch/Listen
– Dude, Where’s My Worship Service?    Watch/Listen
– Four Blood Moons:  Bible or Baloney?  Watch/Listen
– Charity vs. Love                                           Watch/Listen
– Let’s Talk Tongues!                                     Watch/Listen
– Lessons From the First Thanksgiving    Watch/Listen
– Salvation, Assurance, & Hope                 Watch/Listen
– Preaching the Cross – Peter vs. Paul      Watch/Listen
– Know Your Enemy                                       Watch/Listen
– What is the Mystery of Christ?             Watch/Listen
– Why Paul?                                                     Watch/Listen
– Corrupt Communication                          Watch/Listen
– Christians Don’t Believe Jesus               Watch/Listen
– Being Pauline Changes Everything       Watch/Listen
– Repenting about Repentance Pt. 2        Watch/Listen
– When Bible Promises Fail                      Watch/Listen
– Repenting about Repentance                 Watch/Listen
– Why are we here?                                       Watch/Listen
– Press On: 2014                                             Watch/Listen
– How to Love what’s Above.                      Watch/Listen
– Prayer for Comfort.                                     Watch/Listen
– Q&A/Discussion 10/26/14                        Watch/Listen