Don’t Catch It With Your Face

Don’t Catch It With Your Face Taught by Steve Yoak on 11/12/17 Download MP3 Description: It’s good advice to avoid attempting to catch most thrown objects with your face. Learn how to avoid catching doctrinal opposition to understanding God’s Word rightly divided with your face via a real world example. Bible believers have many tools … [Read more…]

Freedom From Religion: Part 4

Freedom From Religion: Part 4 Taught by Steve Yoak on 8/6/17 Download MP3 Description: God is offering Grace and building a spiritual, heavenly body of believers in Christ.  This truth offers saved members of the Body of Christ freedom from religious bondage in politics, religions icons, and so-called “holy” places.

Q & A / Discussion Meeting

Q & A / Discussion Meeting Held on 8/3/17 Description: We always leave time for questions and discussion at the end of every meeting.   Sometimes it is appropriate to spend an entire meeting on discussion of topics and questions that various people have.  This is what occured at our Thursday meeting this week.  Due … [Read more…]

What About The Holy Spirit?

What About The Holy Spirit? Taught by Steve Yoak on 7/30/17 Download MP3 Description: A brief overview on God the Holy Spirit. What/Who He is, and what He has done for people in the past and what He is doing for people today.

Are You Following A Liar?

Are You Following A Liar? Taught by Steve Yoak on 6/11/17 Download MP3 Description: What a person believes about the Bible has a tremendous effect on what a person believes about Jesus Christ. Most folks don’t realize what the acceptance of popular false teachings about God’s Word does to the credibility of the Lord Jesus … [Read more…]

To Make All Men See

To Make All Men See Taught by Steve Yoak on 6/4/17 Download MP3 Description: Eph 3:9 states that it is the will of God for ALL to see “what is the fellowship of the mystery.”  Why is it that this 2,000 year old information is still such a mystery to people who read their Bibles?

Bible Promises To Whom?

Bible Promises To Whom? Taught by Steve Yoak on 5/21/17 Download MP3 Description: Most church-going people have been presented with lists of Bible promises that they are instructed to trust and hold God accountable to fulfill in their personal lives whenever needed.   The reason that millions of self-proclaimed Christian people claim thousands of Bible … [Read more…]

Different Bible Gospels

Different Bible Gospels Taught by Steve Yoak on 4/30/17 Download MP3 Description: The word “Gospel” means good news.  God has dispensed differing good news to different people throughout history.  God has always required faith in the good news that He delivers.  This lesson looks at some of the different gospels that God has dispensed to … [Read more…]

The Missing Cross

The Missing Cross Taught by Steve Yoak on 4/23/17 Download MP3 Description: (Due to a technical issue, the last 5 minutes of this lesson were not recorded) God is saving people today by the “preaching of the cross.” (1 Cor 1:18) This lesson shows how the preaching of the cross is missing from the majority … [Read more…]

Paul Proves the Resurrection

Paul Proves the Resurrection Taught by Steve Yoak on 4/16/17 Download MP3 Description: The fact that the Bible includes a record of Paul the Apostle rather than simply Saul of Tarsus is a valid positive proof that the Lord Jesus Christ literally resurrected.