Are You Following A Liar?

Are You Following A Liar? Taught by Steve Yoak on 6/11/17 Download MP3 Description: What a person believes about the Bible has a tremendous effect on what a person believes about Jesus Christ. Most folks don’t realize what the acceptance of popular false teachings about God’s Word does to the credibility of the Lord Jesus … [Read more…]

The Missing Cross

The Missing Cross Taught by Steve Yoak on 4/23/17 Download MP3 Description: (Due to a technical issue, the last 5 minutes of this lesson were not recorded) God is saving people today by the “preaching of the cross.” (1 Cor 1:18) This lesson shows how the preaching of the cross is missing from the majority … [Read more…]

The Pocket Guide To The Afterlife

The Pocket Guide To The Afterlife Taught by Steve Yoak on 11/27/16 Download MP3 Description: Every religion and cult speaks of some kind of afterlife. How does Biblical Christianity differ from every religion on the planet? Where can we find the Christian “Pocket Guide to the Afterlife” in our Bible?

A Properly Functioning Assembly

A Properly Functioning Assembly Taught by Steve Yoak on 11/13/16 Download MP3 Description: Do Christians need to attend weekly meetings in the age of computer Bible software and YouTube?  Why should we meet?  What are some of the characteristics of a properly functioning assembly of believers?

Personal Evangelism

Personal Evangelism Taught by Steve Yoak on 8/2/15 Download MP3 Download PDF Description: Most folks have never engaged in personal evangelism.  This lesson talks about how we are tasked to engage in personal evangelism and what our responsibilities are and aren’t.