Isms Pt. 4 – Election

Isms Part 4 – Biblical Election

Taught by Steve Yoak on 9/28/14

The kids today would call the image above a “Facepalm.”  It’s an expression of frustration when one realizes that an egregious error has been made.  Such an error was made when the audio/video recording of this lesson failed.  There is no recording of this lesson, but should you wish to study the verses for yourself – you can find the outline below.

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The doctrine of election has been taught for hundreds of years by followers of Calvin & Arminius.  Since neither man recognized or respected the revelation of the Mystery given by Christ to Paul, much of what is taught about election conflates God’s purposes and plans for the Earth with His Mystery plan for heavenly places.  This lesson tests a common definition of Election with Scripture.   We see from Scripture how God’s Election is about His Purposes and Plans, and not about individual people.