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Recent Lessons:


Ephesians Verse by Verse: Part 1

Eph 1:1-4.  Paul begins all of his 13 books with the same word, then an immediate declaration of grace and peace from God.   God promises blessings that no one seems to want in this life.  How can sinners appear holy and blameless before God?

Is It Impossible For a Christian to Support Democrats?

This is a response to an emailed question regarding a statement made by an unnamed Grace Pastor who allegedly claimed that it is “Impossible for a saved person to support the Democratic party.”

Ephesians Verse by Verse: Introduction

The Book of Ephesians speaks of a “but now” situation, whereby God institutes a new dispensation and reveals mystery information which had not been known to mankind until the risen Lord Jesus Christ revealed it to the Apostle Paul.   Also, some historical background on the city of Ephesus and Paul’s dealings there.   The book of Ephesians begins with the same word that all of Paul’s epistles begin with.

Paul & James Don’t Agree

Both  Romans and James speak about Justification.   These books speak about very different ways for a person to receive justification and BOTH use Abraham as their example.  How can one remain a Bible believer and accept the Holy Spirit inspired truth written in each of these books?

The Silence of God

The silence of God over the last 2000 years has been described as “the greatest mystery of our existence.”  This lesson looks at why God is silent today.

Part 41: John Verse-by-Verse

John 21:1-25.  The book of John closes with Christ’s third post-resurrection appearance to His disciples.  Christ also tells Peter how he will die, and John addresses a rumor about himself.

I’m Glad You Left

Grace believers and Grace Assemblies are viewed by folks who attend denominational or non-denominational churches as “Not Normal” or “Not Proper.” This lesson details some reasons why a person should be glad that they have left a “properly” functioning church.

 The Pocket Guide to the Afterlife

Every religion and cult speaks of some kind of afterlife. How does Biblical Christianity differ from every religion on the planet? Where can we find the Christian “Pocket Guide to the Afterlife” in our Bible?


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Understand your Bible for yourself!


The Bible is a huge book.  Many people are intimidated by its size and eventually give up – wrongly believing that they can never understand its structure & meaning for themselves.   The truth is that YOU CAN read your Bible with understanding on your own!  Click on the link below to view a simple chart that shows the structure, order, and two-fold purpose of God in your Bible.

<<<<  See the progressive revelation of God’s Word in this simple timeline.  >>>>