“We will never pass a plate.”

“You can’t join: there are no membership rolls.”

“There is a question and answer session at the end of each meeting.”

“You vote with your feet, there are no church politics.”

Pastor Stephen Yoak


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Grace Bible Ambassadors meet every Sunday Morning at 10:30AM

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Recent Lessons:


Freedom From Religion: Intro

New Series: True Freedom from Religion.  The “Freedom From Religion” Foundation doesn’t really want what it says it wants.  The Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible wants to give you salvation from sin, and freedom from all religions.

Ephesians Verse by Verse: Part 7

Eph 2:5-10.   God’s promise of salvation by His grace through Faith in Christ’s work.  God is able to take those ‘dead in sins’ and make them trophies of His grace in heavenly places.  What about good works?

Door Hanger Tract

Folks from Grace Bible Ambassadors meet together to go out into our community and present the Gospel house to house. (Acts 20:20)   This tract serves both as a flyer to be handed out face to face as a conversation starter, as well as a tract to leave behind at the front door of each house.   The front is an invitation to a kind of church that most folks do not believe exists, while the back contains a clear presentation of the Gospel of the Grace of God.

Are You Following A Liar?

What a person believes about the Bible has a tremendous effect on what a person believes about Jesus Christ.  Most folks don’t realize what the acceptance of popular false teachings about God’s Word does to the credibility of the Lord Jesus Christ.

 To Make All Men See

Eph 3:9 states that it is the will of God for ALL to see “what is the fellowship of the mystery.”  Why is it that this 2,000 year old information is still such a mystery to people who read their Bibles?

 Ephesians Verse by Verse: Part 6

Eph 2:1-4.   A description of the natural state of the unsaved and the wicked and disobedient “course of this world.”   God is able to change “children of wrath” into saints.

Bible Promises To Whom?

Most church-going people have been presented with lists of Bible promises that they are instructed to trust and hold God accountable to fulfill in their personal lives whenever needed.   The reason that millions of self-proclaimed Christian people claim thousands of Bible promises that FAIL to deliver is because they haven’t asked “To Whom” were these promises made?


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Understand your Bible for yourself!


The Bible is a huge book.  Many people are intimidated by its size and eventually give up – wrongly believing that they can never understand its structure & meaning for themselves.   The truth is that YOU CAN read your Bible with understanding on your own!  Click on the link below to view a simple chart that shows the structure, order, and two-fold purpose of God in your Bible.

<<<<  See the progressive revelation of God’s Word in this simple timeline.  >>>>